You will find a range of daily classes here at PFP. Our classes are fun and fast-paced and are suitable for all levels of fitness. Classes vary in length from 30 min - 45 min. All of our classes incorporate weight-based training.  

FAQ about PFP classes

1. What type of training can you expect from the PFP classes?

We aim to keep our classes fresh and interesting so you can expect to be doing some of the following:

  • HIIT
  • Kettlebells
  • Countdowns
  • Circuits

2. Will I be using weights?

Yes. Our classes incorporate bodyweight and weighted exercises. You will only be asked to use weights for different exercises if the class instructor sees that you are able for it.

3. Are the classes suitable for beginners?

Yes. All of our classes are suitable for both beginners and non-beginners. Our class instructor will alter exercises to suit the level of the individual as required during a class.

4. I have an injury. Can I still come to a class?

Generally, yes. You must make the instructor aware of your injury so that adjustments can be made to the exercises that you do during the class.

5. Can I go to a class if I'm not a member of the gym?

Yes - classes are open to members and non-members. They cost €8 for non-members.

6. How long are the classes?

Classes range in length from 30min - 45min. Please see timetable above for more information.

7. How do I book in for classes?

All classes are bookable online - click here to book your next class now. Booking is necessary as there are limited spaces available in each class.

8. What do I do if I can't make the class?

If you cannot make class, simply cancel your booking via the confirmation email or by logging into your account on our booking system. We ask that you cancel as soon as possible when you can't make a class, but it must be a minimum of 30 minutes before the class is due to commence.

9. What do I need to bring?

You may need water, towel or a snack for after class.

10. Are there changing rooms at the gym?

Yes, we have both a gents and ladies changing room with showers in each.