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Pearson Fitness and Performance, PFP, is the leading performance gym in the midlands.

Established in 2013 by Nigel Pearson, PFP has grown over the last number of years and now offers a huge variety of services, both online and in the gym in Portlaoise.

Our philosophy is simple - we believe that it is important to move well and often. We usually assess our clients and members' movement capabilities using a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This enables us to determine any areas of weakness and our programs are then designed based on the FMS results and in line with the goals of the individual.

Our programs are always designed for the individual we are dealing with. Unlike a lot of gyms, especially commercial gyms, we don't a design a 'one-size-fits-all' type of program. Instead, we cater only for the needs and goals of the individual in front of us. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal, bespoke service every time.

Whatever your interest , you will find something to satisfy it at PFP.  Our classes are renowned for their variety and high intensity. If classes are your thing, then click below for more detailed information.

Our gym caters for everyone and we strive to always deliver a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Whatever your goal may be - you can achieve it at PFP.


Not your average gym. Not your average experience. Not your average results.




"I would highly recommend this gym to people of any level of fitness."

"The classes at PFP are fantastic! I find they are a great way to improve fitness and build strength in a well equipped environment. Nigel is super friendly and approachable. He is a very knowledgeable trainer who is committed to providing a high standard of advice and motivation! I would highly recommend this gym to people of any level of fitness." - Sabena