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Pearson Fitness and Performance, PFP, is the leading gym in the midlands.

Established in 2013, PFP Gym prides itself on delivering a personalised service to all of its clients. 

Whatever your goal may be, our coaches will get you there with our results-driven approach. 


PFP GYM - Portlaoise
Class Timetable July 2021
PFP GYM - Portlaoise


  • Improve fitness levels

  • Increase strength

  • Lose body fat

  • Injury rehab





In PFP, we use heart rate monitors (on arms) within our

classes and with our personal training clients. Heart rate monitors give live feedback on your heart rate throughout workouts and on your calorie burn, all of which can be seen on our smart TV. 

Heart rate monitors allow us to gauge the progress being made and to take our athletes' performances to the next level.

Once finished, your workout statistics are sent straight to your email.


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Not your average gym,

Not your average experience,

Not your average results.

Pearson Fitness and Performance, PFP, is the leading gym in the midlands.

Established in 2013 by Nigel Pearson, PFP GYM has grown over the last number of years and now offers a variety of services, both online and in the gym in Portlaoise.

Our philosophy is simple - we believe that it is important to move well and often. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal, bespoke service every time.

We offer two different services in our gym:

personal training and gym classes.


Our classes are renowned for their variety and high intensity and can be booked online here. Or perhaps you want to start personal training with one of our experienced coaches for more accountability and motivation? Find more information on what we offer here.

Our gym caters for everyone and we strive to always deliver a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Whatever your goal may be - you can achieve it at PFP.

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book A pfp CLASS

Find the ones that suit you


PFP classes combine weights

and cardio to deliver a workout that

will challenge your strength, stamina and endurance.


With classes every day, you can be sure there are some options

to suit you at PFP GYM. We have morning, lunch-time and evening classes as well as weekend options.

We love to vary the design of our classes so they

are always interesting. All of our classes involve using weights in some capacity.

Beginners are always welcome.

PFP Transformations

Are you ready to make a change?

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Personal Training

Personal Training allows our experienced coaches to offer motivation, accountability and support to help you reach your goals. Personal Training sessions can be done on a one-to-one basis with a coach or in very small groups, depending on your personal preference. If you are a complete beginner or nervous about being in a gym, Personal Training, can be great for learning about exercises and building confidence in a gym environment. Prices start from €25 for 30min, €30 for 45min and €35 for 60min. Please contact us to check what availability we have.

Work with a trainer










Crossfit Class


Strength & Conditioning 


PFP bootcamps

Our 4 week bootcamps are always hugely popular because they are a great, healthy kick-start and they get sustainable results!


Learn about nutrition, macronutrients, calories and how to fuel your body effectively

Learn about exercises and how to add weights to your training

Use our Polar Heart Monitor System to have your workout analysed in real time and a post-workout summary sent straight to your email

Take part in x 3 training sessions each week for 1 hour each (12 training sessions in total)

Track your progress with measurements, weekly weigh-ins, progress photos. 

Set weekly goals (shared with your coach) and be held accountable by your coach for making progress towards goals set


Receive 24/7 support from your experienced coach via our private Whatsapp group 

Limited spaces available

Dates and times for the next Bootcamp will be announced very soon but if you want to get priority on a place, then hit the button below and just send your full name and phone number and we will contact you when spaces become available.

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