Pearson Fitness and Performance is a private gym and run on an appointment only basis. 

Personal Training 

Personal Training allows our experienced coaches to offer motivation, accountability and support to help you reach your goals. Personal Training sessions can be done on a one-to-one basis with a coach or in very small groups, depending on your preference.


If you are a complete beginner or nervous about being in a gym, Personal Training, can be great for learning about exercises and building confidence in a gym environment. Please contact us to check the availability of our coaches.

Various Coaches

Prices start from:

€25 - 30 min

€30 - 45 min

€35 - 60 min

Injury Rehab

Injured? Or post-surgery? Areas of weakness?


We have the skills and experience to help you come back from injury. Our coaches will work in conjunction with any other professionals (doctors, physios etc.) to create and implement a plan for your recovery.

Please speak to us today or ask your physio/doctor to refer you for consultation. 

We can help

you to recover from injury!

Team s & c

We work with teams to deliver a full strength and conditioning package.

Packages can include:

 - Team Screening 

 - Team testing and re-testing 

 - Team Programming 

 - Strength and conditioning sessions (overseen by our Coach)

 - Injury and Rehabilitation Management

 - Sports Nutrition

We also work with teams on a consultancy basis, depending on the needs of the team.

Please contact us to create a package to suit your needs. 

Take your team to the

next level!